Monday, August 04, 2008

Adopt this Cat!

I am urgently looking for someone to adopt a stray cat from my South Philly neighborhood. If you aren’t interested in a cat for yourself, please pass this message along to other cat lovers you know!

The cat is less than a year old and my neighbors have named him “Alley.” (They thought Ali, with the double meaning, because they believed the cat was female, but I’ve pretty much confirmed he’s male!) He’s affectionate, well fed and likes to play. He has been around other cats and seen Nanuq and Tug through my storm door. If I thought I could handle another cat, I would definitely take in this little guy. He was born outside in the alley behind my house, and a sweet Italian lady was taking care of him until about a week ago, when she passed away.

I am hoping to get the cat adopted by Thursday. If that’s not possible, I may still be able to get the cat to you late the following week. I’m willing to drive him about an hour any direction from Philadelphia either tonight or Wednesday night or next week. He will need to go to a vet for tests and shots, and you will have to say some prayers for me that I can catch him.

If you’re interested yourself, drop me an email and we can talk about him. If you pass this along to friends I don’t know, they should mention they know YOU so I know they are legitimate. If you are a friend of a friend, I will ask you to provide a vet or personal reference and pay a $25 adoption fee so that I know this cat isn’t going to a testing facility or will meet some other nefarious end.

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