Monday, January 29, 2007

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation, by Nanuq

My mom is too busy to play with me right now, so I decided to post a note on her blog. That is no problem, of course, since I have super-sensory cat powers.

This is a picture of me from Thanksgiving Day. I look pretty handsome, if I must say so myself. I had a great holiday, but I'm only remembering it now because I've been so sad about my little brother Mookie. He used to follow me around the house and curl up with me against the cold. We sat on the windowsill together and waited for mom to come home. Then she'd put down treats for us and give us hugs. It's not the same without him.

Anyway, the house smelled great on Thanksgiving. Erika and Nick came over, and they smelled like a couple of girl cats. Hubba hubba. Then Mrs. Crosson came and gave me lots of pats on the head. I kept watch over the birds out the window in the kitchen, but mom kept picking me up putting me on the floor. I know she loves me, but I have a job to do! After my requisite 500 attempts, I decided to explore the living room.

I saw the table. Wow! Look at all the shiny things they put out for me! Glasses and plates and bowls and silverware and linens everywhere! The curioius cat I am, I knew it was imperative I explore every nook and crannie. And all was well, until I looked up to see Mrs. Crosson's lips moving.

"Uh-oh," she said, and I read.

Mom came out. I read: "What happened?"

"I think I knocked over the cranberry sauce," Mrs. Crosson said, and I read.

Mom looked at the sauce for a moment. Then, slowly, she looked across the table at me. "You didn't knock over the cranberry sauce," she said, and I read. "A very bad kitty did."

But she was smiling. Soon, bright lights were flashing from above, and I felt Mommy rubbing my head over and over. Then Mommy put me in the basement. As she lifted me into her arms, I could read her lips saying something about not wanting to see me "walking around with the turkey" on my head.

I wasn't there long, though. I cried and cried until I heard through the door--using my super-sensory cat powers, of course--Mrs. Crosson beg for mercy on my behalf. Soon I rejoined the family, and Mookie and Tug licked my head for many hours into the night.

The End